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My Desperate Moment

In this time, I will to tell you about my funny yet desperate moment.
Four days ago, I am panic because I didn't bring my sport uniform. When one hour will sport lesson, I didn't know what I must do. My house is far from my school. If I bring it before begin the lesson, I will come late.
Then I call my sister and my mother. But my mother not reply my message. Not long from that, my sister reply my message, and I call her. I tell all about this moment. I ask her for bring my sport uniform to my school. But she can't, she will go to her office soon. And if I ask someone who in my home, I don't have time for wait it.
I call my friend Intan in other class. She just bring one uniform, and she don't bring other clothes. Then I ask for help to my friends in the class, they are Hasya, Alya, Fira, Diva, and Nur. Alya don't bring the uniform too. We look for clothes to every one near us. And I meet Intan in front off the class. I ask for help to Intan. Intan was confused…
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In the first day of school, Shofi has arrived in the class X MIPA 3. Not so long after that, Zhafira comes.

S: Hello, Good Morning!
F: Morning too. Is this chair seated?
S: No it is not
F: May I sit here?
S: Yes sure, have we meet before?
F: Really?
S: Yes, I saw you waiting for your parents two days ago
F: Oh yes, I remember that
S: May I know your name?
F: My name is Zhafira, but you can call me Fira. What is your name?
S: My name is Shofi. What school are you from?
F: I am from 44 Junior High School, and you?
S: I am from 8 Junior High School
F: By the way, where do you live?
S: I live in Andir Tengah, Ujungberung
F: May I know your hobby?
S: Yes sure, my hobby is listening to the music
F: Really? I love it too
S: What kind of music do you like?
F: Pop, do you like it too?
S: Yes, and what is your favorite song?
F: My favorite song is Despacito, do you know it?
S: Of course, every body know it
F: It's really nice to meet you. I hope we can be good friend
S: Yeah.. me too

All About Me

Hello, friends! My name is Shofi Afghania Usamah. You can call me Shofi. I was born in Bandung on 24 October 2001. I'm 15 years old. I live in Andir Tengah Pasanggrahan, Ujungberung Bandung. I have one sister. she is very kind she always accompanies me to everywhere I want. Now I study in 3 Senior High School Bandung at X Mipa 3. My Hobby is drawing, painting or reading. My favorite lesson is Math. I was studied in 8 Junior High School and Cibiru 4 Elementary School. 
I like reading some article about space. I like space because it is amazing. I am very thankful to Allah because He made something amazing that does not make sense. I like something all about the galaxy, like a thing, wallpaper, books, and article. I don't like the novel, but when I was in junior high school sometimes I read a novel. I borrow the novel from my friend. My friend has many the novel, like a "Hujan, Pulang, The Maze Runner, etc". If I go to the bookshop, my mother asks me for buy book lesso…